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eBIZ by OTP Business Digital Finance Assistant

2019. augusztus 4.
Olvasási idő: 2 perc

Less administration, more time for your business.

EBIZ is a Digital Financial Assistant (DFA) that saves a lot of valuable time for an entrepreneur by keeping track of your current expenses, income, anytime, anywhere; pay your bills super-fast; get in constant contact with your colleagues, business partners, and accountants. 

Features that help you streamline your business management

Easy Invoicing

Invoicing in no time: both traditional and e-invoices to get paid faster.

Fast Money Transfer

EBIZ also includes an entrepreneurial internet bank so you can easily and quickly pay your inbound (vendor) accounts by wire transfer.

Manage finances from anywhere 24/7

You can use eBIZ from your desktop, Android phone, iPhone, MAC, Windows device without installing it.

Work together with your colleagues

You can assign permission to your eBIZ account for your colleagues and your accountant with different permissions.

See clear your corporate finances

Keep an eye on your company’s revenue and expenses. Moreover, we will show you the expected VAT to be payed!

Store your incoming invoices in one place

Upload your incoming invoices to keep them in one place at one time for you and your accountant.

Synchronize your accounts and transfers

Pair your accounts and banking transactions to see exactly who paid and who not.

Several currencies

In eBIZ you can issue and receive invoices in 24 currencies and send invoices in English and German to your partners!

Spend less time with your accountant

Your accountant can see your accounts and bank statement in real time. Your accountant in eBIZ can also prepare transfer packages for payrolls and tax payments.

Managing several companies?

With eBIZ you can manage all your businesses from one interface.

Stay up to date with your partners

You can get online information about your customers and suppliers, so you can be informed when a partner eg. going into liquidation.

Not an OTP client, yet?

You can invoice or upload invoices free of charge even if you don’t have an OTP entrepreneur account.


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